Protein Power Quinoa Salad

Miso Ginger Quinoa Salad

Fight the power?! Heck no-LOVE the power of this protein packed salad. Great as a side or a main meal, you will fall deeply in love and crave this salad. In fact, even though I just finished eating it, I Continue reading

Miso Ginger Rice Salad

Miso Ginger Rice Salad

Have some left over rice? We always make extra grains for the week, for fast weeknight prep. This past week, we went a little overboard on the the rice, and ended up not eating it all. We were having company, Continue reading

Just Peachy Museli

Peach Museli

Did someone say peaches?! We LOVE the juiciness of a peach, as you bite into in and juice rolls down your face, your arm, and you can’t stop eating to even get yourself a napkin! Well, we can those delicious Continue reading

Summertime Lentils

Pot of Summertime Lentils

Lentils are a food that has it all-protein, healthy carbs, fiber, and low in fat.  Since it’s summertime, we thought we’d amp them up with some fresh basil, garlic scrapes, zucchini, and fresh peppers.  We’re still trying to get through Continue reading

Cherry Pie Pplleease!

Cherry Pie Baked on White

Cherry Pie-yes pppppllllease! So it’s cherry season here in the Northeast. But-I still had frozen cherries from last year!  What to do?! Make some pie of course and wave that American flag!  Before we go picking for this year, and Continue reading